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In a studio where the suspense of timeless tales intertwines with the rhythm of the modern screen, a composer crafts scores that embody the thrill of mystery and the depth of emotional journeys. Their music, a blend of classical suspense and contemporary storytelling, captivates audiences, drawing them into a world where every note adds to the intrigue and enhances the narrative fabric of film and TV.
Marco Herbert +49 177 5888 365
Suspense & Horror
 1. Suspense-Atmo
 2. cREEpy MuSicBoX
 3. The Harp
 4. The Clock
[...] Everthing he needed to read our thoughts was the script and a conversation about the intended feelings and moods of the project and, in the best Ennio Morricone style, he had conjured up a suitable score before the scenes had even been filmed were. One can not only wish for such a collaboration, but one can also, fortunately, commission it. [...] Dominik Stark (producer, author)
[...] Since 2021 I have been working with the likeable film composer Marco Herbert on a number of film projects.
His musical work was always well received by all the filmmakers to whom I recommended Marco. Marco works very quickly, reliably and precisely. He has a very strong feeling for designing the music to suit the scene - whether from the script or the storyboards, as well as the scene in the finished film.[...] Working with Marco is completely uncomplicated and very pleasant . I can therefore only warmly recommend him to any filmmaker who wants an intense and gripping film score to hire Marco for it. [...] Matthias Schmidt (actor AKA Moloch)
[…] Marco Herbert understands what we want better than we can describe it ourselves. Every collaboration was a small relevation […] Arne Ciliox (Feigenbaumpunkt advertising agency)
[...] We have already implemented several film projects with Marco (including image films, commercials, short films).
He always worked very reliably and quickly. We value him very much as a film composer and look forward to further collaborations![...]
Markus Baumeister (media agency DasZeichen / Moon Secret Entertainment)
[...] Marco Herbert's music is so awesome, it's soulful, it's bliss, but also somehow hauntingly beautiful, all in all it's pretty incredible,  I could listen to it for hours and just lose myself in it's magical sound. [...] As a composer Marco he has a unique ability of expressing himself through his music, he works disciplined. Marco Herbert composes the most amazing film music,  no kidding! It's out of this world, I love it. I highly recommend this brilliant composer.  [...] Dianne Holmes  (singer/songwriter/teacher)
[...] From second onwards there was a productive and goal-oriented atmosphere. His first drafts formed a concept that wasn't fully formed in my head, and his patience with a musical amateur like me was admirable. It's worth listening to professionals. ;-)  [...] Markus Köhler (First Contact: A Film Encounter)
Film & Media: MoonSecretEntertainment, Das Zeichen, TU Darmstadt, Ruhrakademie, FH Dortmund, DAS Theater Hemer, TopSpot Award, Apnex, REWE, Stadt Hemer, Verfuß-Bau, Markus Baumeister, Moloch, Taim M. Adams, Dominik Stark, Erstkontakt, Feigenbaumpunkt, Staatstheater Darmstadt, Yahya Nazari, Christina Wessels, Benjamin Kurz, Sebastian Theiß
Artists:  Dianne Holmes, Peter Malek, Daniel J. Fries, Jenny Jones, Affector, Andy Goddard, Anna Folkesson, Mora Hecate, Claudia Cappelletti, Nevershire, Desperate Deed, Magnetorium, Christopher Higgins
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